Just Bread.

A note about bread machines: I love my bread machine. I know it's kind of an obscure appliance and this recipe will be irrelevant to most of you. I was fortunate enough to inherit a long forgotten bread machine from my parent's kitchen, and I've made a promise to myself to take better advantage of it. A few weeks ago I made some Italian bread loaves, which came out great, and this time I wanted to make just a standard loaf of white bread. I used this recipe from All Recipes.

(Please take note of my BEAUTIFUL new Henkels knife... thanks Dad!)
(Also, please don't take note that I can't cut a straight line...)

Basic White Bread

1 cup of warm water
2 tbsp white sugar
1 package - or 2 1/4 tsp - yeast
1/4 C vegetable oil
3 C bread flour
1 tsp salt

Place the water, sugar and yeast in the bottom of the bread machine pan, and allow the yeast to foam for about 10 minutes (BTW - this is very different from standard bread machine yeast placement practices). Set the bread machine to the basic or white bread setting.

Do something else for a few hours.

Enjoy the smell.

Done, eat.

Bread machine's are that easy!

To be honest, I didn't love this recipe. I was lured by all of the comments on All Recipes stating that this was everyone's "go to" bread machine bread. However, after making and eating it, I remembered that I don't really eat white bread. That being said, it does have a really good soft texture and firm crust.

Hoping to have more exciting bread machine recipes to review and post soon!

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