Uncle Fran Salmon

Last night, we grilled a big dinner for friends. Tom brought over fresh home grown tomatoes and hand made mozzarella (what?? I want to make mozzarella!) Also on the menu: Uncle Fran Salmon

Uncle Fran was one of the all around best people I've ever known. He used to make us this salmon whenever we'd go to visit. Not only is it delicious, but I like to make it as a tribute to the best Uncle ever.

There's no real recipe, but you take equal(ish) parts of mayonnaise and dijon musturd, some squirts of fresh lemon juice, and chopped up fresh tarragon (or dried I suppose). Mix it all together and slather generously on both sides of the salmon, grill until flaky. Mmmm.

Also on the plate: grilled baby asparagus and Danielle's pesto pasta.

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