Zucchini Soup

I really like zucchinis... tonight I bought about 10 of them and made this soup.

Slight adaptations: I measured nothing. I added a tab of butter. I used chicken broth instead of water (I think water would have been rather bland). I also did not julienne any zucchini skin to sprinkle on top... that seemed too fussy for Monday night.

Verdict: Simple, but very good. Krishnan said it tasted like potatoes (it didn't) but that it was "awesome."

Best part: getting to use the super cool and green immersion blender Kate gave me for Christmas an embarrassingly long ago for the first time. That thing is powerful! There may be many blended soups in the future. I'll try to ignore the resemblance to baby food.

Seriously, a lot of zucchinis:

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